I have seen the darkness when I had no hope,

Hanging by a thread at the end of my rope.

You can’t tell me nothing’

‘Bout the bottom I don’t know.

Been down ‘bout as far as a man can go.


Trouble was my daddy, my mama misery,

Guess I did not fall too far from my family tree.

Brothers and sisters can’t you hear me callin’ you?

Everything I’m about to say

I swear is the gospel truth.


Love changed it all.  My back ain’t up against no wall.

I’m walkin’ proud and I’m standin’ tall.

Love broke the fall, broke the fall, broke the fall.


Now I see the blue skies through the pourin’ rain.

If I stumble, hit the ground, I get back up again.

I’ve traded my dark cloud for a sunny point of view.

I’m a walkin’ talkin’ testament

To the things that love can do.