When I was just a little boy way back in my hometown

I found a way I could fly and never leave the ground

I got me some scraps of wood, a hammer and some nails.

I found a rusty TV tray and I used that for the tail.


Every day after school I couldn’t wait to get back home.

I was building me an airplane I could ride upon

It would take me over Egypt, past castles in the air.

Farther than my eyes could see, it would take me anywhere


I could fly, fly, I’d close my eyes and I would hold on tight.

I could fly, fly, in my airplane in the backyard in the sky

In my airplane in the backyard in the sky


A high school boy lived next door, his name was Jimmy D.

He used to stand out in the yard and he would make fun of me.

He said that thing ain’t never gonna fly and I was wasting all my time.

He was right in his way, I was right in mine.


Every now and then things in this world can bring me down.

But I remember my little backyard and when it was I found.