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Byrd and Street
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A Different Plan

I put on my belt with my name on the back
Grabbed my boots and my spurs and my cowboy hat
I was ready to ride that ol' dusty trail again
From the kitchen I could hear my mamma say
You better come on boy the bus is on the way
My cowboy days they were coming to an end
And life had a different plan

I was 16 when I met the love of my life
I couldn't wait to graduate and make her my wife
I could see us in a house with kids, we'd be the perfect family
One thing though I guess I didn't see,
What I saw in her she didn't see in me
Happily ever after had an early end (never happened in the end)
And life had a different plan

at the time it seemed to me
‘bout as bad as things could be
way more than I could understand
everything was falling through
inspite of all I couldn't do
it somehow all worked out in the end
when life had a different plan

My cowboys days are all long gone
But I can sit and sing a cowboy song
About the girl who broke my heart and what I learned along the way
Sometimes you win when you think you lose
And when you get what you didn't choose. Ya gotta
Have a little faith it's the work of bigger hands
When life has a different plan.

like a feather in the blowing wind
like the sand on the beach when the waves roll in
go with the flow, ride with the tide
when life has a different plan

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