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Byrd and Street
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Awards for Byrd and Street

06 Austin Songwriter's Group

  • 1st Place-Country Love Broke the Fall -Tommy Byrd
  • 2nd Place-Inspirational Love Broke the Fall -Tommy Byrd
  • 1st Place-Jazz Kisses and Conversations -Tommy Byrd
  • 3rd Place-Jazz Zig Zag -Tommy Byrd & Kathy Street
  • Finalist-Country Rock Away the Blues -Tommy Byrd

02 Austin Songwriter's Group

  • 1st Place Close Your Eyes -Tommy Byrd & Kathy Street


Awards for Tommy Byrd

99 Austin Songwriter's Group

  • Grand Award - It's All of Us Together -Tommy Byrd & A. Rasmussen
  • 1st-Pop It's All of Us Together -Tommy Byrd & A. Rasmussen
  • Country Long Line of Love-Tommy Byrd
  • Singer-Songwriter Just an Old House -Tommy Byrd
  • Country Honky Tonk Zone -Tommy Byrd, Alan Monsarrat, A. Rasmussen
  • Singer-Songwriter Look up to Dad -Tommy Byrd, Alan Monsarrat, A. Rasmussen

98 Austin Songwriter's Group

  • 1st Place-Inspirational Shoot from the Heart -Tommy Byrd & A. Rasmussen
  • Country My Northern Lights -Tommy Byrd & A. Rasmussen

97 Nashville Network

  • Finalist Big Stars in a Little Sky -Tommy Byrd

94 Louisville Area Songwriter's Coop

  • Country Love Ain't The Lottery -Tommy Byrd & L. Hardy

93 Austin Songwriter's Group

  • Country Love Em, Leave Em, Cryin', Heartache; -Tommy Byrd

92 Louisville Area Songwriter's Coop

  • Finalist Nightgames -Tommy Byrd & L. Hardy

92 Fort Bend Songwriter's Association

  • 1st Place-Pop Rock Nightgames -Tommy Byrd & L. Hardy
  • Country Hard Time -Tommy Byrd
  • Country Take the Right Road -Tommy Byrd


Notes of Merit for Byrd and Street

2009-KerrvilleFestival New Folk Finalist

2009- Texas Music Awards nominee for Vocal Duo

2009- Folk DJ Top Albums for 2009 ; Folk DJ Top Artists

2009-Spring- Freeform American Roots Chart -Love Broke the Fall Album #13

2008-Let Me Be Your Friend- Licensed by Austin Humane Society,German Shepherd Rescue

2007-My Forever Family Licensed by The Adoption Coalition of Texas for its Heart Gallery project

2005-Just An Old House Licensed by Redman Foundation, Watsonville, California

January 8, 2004-"Byrd and Street Day", Austin City Council

Febuary, 2004-Named "Performers of the Year, 2003", Westlake Chamber of Commerce

Summer, 2004-Stories of Life, Sonds of Love CD released

October, 2004-Official Showcase at Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference

May, 2003-Featured Performers KUT Live Set

May, 2003-Kerrville New Folk Competition Regional Winners

March, 2002-Featured Performers, KUT Austin Music Minute

May, 2002-Kerrville New Folk Competition Regional Winners

December, 2001-Appearance on Fox 7 News in the Morning

Spring, 2001-1st place, Austin Songwriters' Group Contest Close Your Eyes

Original Artwork

Oil Painting of Stratford on Avon

Kathy learned oil painting techniques from her grandmother. Kathy's works are primarily landscapes. In addition to oils, she has worked in both acrylics and batik. Signed prints of paintings are available on acid-free art stock.

The oil painting featured here is a view of church where Shakespeare is buried from down river, with the banks on both sides.

See more of Kathy's paintings