Well, I bought this old guitar down at the Goodwill store,

Cost me eighty dollars, it ain’t worth a penny more.

Still when I play it, and I play it everyday,

All the worries in my world, they all just fade away.

I got a whole lot more than I bargained for

With this eighty dollar guitar I got at the Goodwill store.

Well, it sat there in a stand right near the Christmas tree,

I picked it up and I played a chord, a little girl was watching me.

She was shy, but as I played I thought I saw a grin.

And when Jingle Bells was over she said, “Let’s try that again!”

Now the value of a guitar is not in the price you pay,

Not in the wood, not in the strings, not in the way you play.

The value of a guitar is the joy that a heart can find,

It’s a smile on a little girl’s face, a tear in an old man’s eye.