6.  Family Matters

 He called his daddy crazy.

He turned and walked away.

His father stood in silence

and thought about the day

he called his old man crazy,

and the things he learned since then.

If the seed is firmly planted

it will stand against the wind.

Family matters sometimes feel so wrong.

In our darkest hour it’s love that keeps us strong.

And it’s the hard side of the mountain

where the strongest timber grows.

Family matters, this I know.

Her mother tries to give her

Wisdom from the heart.

But she just will not listen

and it tears them both apart.

Like her mother years before her

she watched her daughter leave.

With the faith of angels

a mother still believes.

There’s a picture on the mantle.

There’s a smile on every face.

Family all together gathered in one place.

But the camera cannot capture

what the heart can only see.

And it’s the roots in the rocky soil

that raise up the family tree. 

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