8.  Family, Faith and Friends

It was late one night and I just couldn’t sleep,

I tried my best but I just couldn’t keep

The world from spinning ‘round inside my head.

I got tired of fightin’ all I thought was wrong,

So I got up and turned my TV on,

Heard an old man talking and this is what he said,

“Could be I’ve been lucky, could be I’ve been blessed.

Maybe there’s no difference; all I know is this:

Family keeps you going knowing they’re always there.

Faith gives you hope when you think you ain’t got a prayer.

Ain’t no load too heavy with the help of a friendly hand.

Now this world can make you crazy if you let it.

But you got three things on your side, don’t forget it.

Family, faith, friends.

Well I turned out the light and I got back in bed.

And I thought about what that old man said.

He didn’t say nothin’ that I didn’t already know.

But sometimes it’s good to hear again

About the power of family, faith, and friends,

And how it is we’re not alone.

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