5. I Need a Small Town

Somedays when I wake up

I’m thinking I should take up

Another place of residence

Where I can hang my hat.

The city’s closing in on me,

It’s hard to think, I can barely breathe.

I need another place

And this ain’t where it’s at.

I need a small town

where I can slow things down.

Take a walk around,

Put my feet upon the ground.

Don’t need no fast lane,

Drive a man insane.

I got plans to make

Before my great escape-  I can’t wait.

I need a small town in the biggest kind of way.

Everywhere I go there

Are people I don’t know there.

This city’s full of strangers

Ain’t nobody smiling back.

I think I’m gonna lose my mind,

Go crazy if I just don’t find

A friendly face and this ain’t where it’s at.

Well, now the city ain’t all bad.

There’s a lot of good things in it.

But I’d trade ‘em all for a country mile

in a New York minute.


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