You’d think by now after all I’ve been through

I’d have a little more to show, I’d know more than I do.

And though it’s not a lot, what I’ve got I’ll share with you

And this much I know is true.

Find those things that make you smile.

Lose track of time every once in a while.

Howl at the moon, wish upon a star.

Be happy where you are.

See the beauty that’s all around.

Watch the evening sun going down.

Sit and wonder, get up and dance,

Give everyone a second chance.

And when you’re down and weary,

Feeling lost and oh so small, remember:

Money’s good, time is better and love best of all.

Sometimes you lose, and lose again.

Give it all you’ve got and still not win.

Think nothing’s gained oh, but you’d be wrong,

You learn how to carry on.