If I had a dollar for the dollars I ain’t made,

I would be a wealthy man, be restin’ in the shade.

That ain’t been my fortune, that ain’t been my way.

And the saddest day of every week is the day that I get paid.

‘Cause then I see just what I mean to those who pull the strings.

I’m just a workin’ man, I’m a workin’ man, I’m a workin’ man,

But it sure ain’t workin’ for me.

Today is just like yesterday and tomorrow will be, too

‘Cept I take a little less home and they give me more to do.

Talkin’ to my boss, you know it’s like talkin’ to a wall,

And he tries to make me think I’m lucky to have this job at all.

But it seems to me my luck’s run out as far as I can see.