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Byrd and Street
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JUST RELEASED!!!     Words and Music   --tracks can be heard at:

Dave Wheaton, KEAN Radio: Review of Words and Music

The Austin-based duo of Byrd & Street seem on a mission to prove that you don’t need more sounds, more instruments or more electricity to deliver a solid album of songs. And with this ‘less is more’ mentality, Byrd & Street came out of the studio with another terrific collection of songs on ‘Words And Music.’ The new CD opens with what would turn out to be one of my favorite songs, ‘I’m Gonna Swim’. From the outset, Byrd & Street’s strengths show with strong, thoughtful lyrics and effortless harmonies, intertwining with terrific playing.

‘When I Hear Her Sing’ is so sweet and beautiful. I was thinking this song was describing a woman’s physical beauty, and then it caught me by surprise (one of the fun things about listening to a song before noting the title). Here’s what I mean:

Sweet as the water that runs in the creek
Warm like the sunshine kissing my cheek
Pretty as the Dogwood’s bloom in the spring
Fresh as the morning after the rain
It’s like falling in love when I hear her sing

‘I Need A Small Town’ is another of many highlights on ‘Words And  Music’.

I love ‘Old Out Of Tune Guitar’. To me, this song touches on a love for music that so many people have in them, but few have truly tapped. “You’ll never hear the songs he plays / Just an old broken down guitar / You can only hear his music / With your heart”

From the opening track, I just feel good about where ‘Words And Music’ takes me. It took me to the mid-70′s, when I would not just listen to – but study – Jim Croce albums with an unhealthy obsession. Byrd & Street’s ‘Words And Music’ is a CD that can be listened to several times, and each time, you can find something new and cool about it.

Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street have been collaborating since 2001. From the open of ‘Words And Music’, it becomes evident that these two voices belong together. Their harmonies are the highlight of this album, but by no means the only reason that ‘Words And Music’ is a joy to listen to. This music breathes confidently.

Byrd & Street ‘Words And Music’ Tracklist:

1. I’m Gonna Swim
2. A Rocking Chair And A Memory
3. The Kid In Me
4. When I Hear Her Sing
5. I Need A Small Town
6. Family Matters
7. Together Again
8. Family, Faith, And Friends
9. Old Out Of Tune Guitar
10. Higher Ground
11. You Have Been My Friend


New Tracks

Then and Now   tracks.

CREDITS:  Lloyd Maines, Warren Hood, Greg Whitfield, The East Side Flash, Bon Wier

Title Lyrics Listen
Then and Now Read Lyrics MP3
The Checkout Line Read Honey Makin' TimeLyrics Honey Makin' Time MP3
In My House Read He Tells All the Girls He's a Cowboy Lyrics He Tells All the Girls He's a Cowboy MP3
Crazy Over You Read Let Me Be Your Friend Lyrics Let Me Be Your FriendMP3
Ain't Nothin' Better Than You Read My Forever Family Lyrics My Forever Family MP3
A Far and Better Time Read When My Heart Remembers You Lyrics When My Heart Remembers You MP3
Lightning Bugs Read Lyrics MP3
Long Line of Love Read Lyrics MP3
Singin' 'Bout the Sunshine Read Lyrics MP3
Close Your Eyes Read Lyrics MP3
Lay Your Troubles Down Read Lyrics MP3

"Love the 3rd CD!! Your music is full of hope and optimism mixed with a little humor, just what a weary world needs! Listening to it has improved my outlook on life."  D. Mahoney Tyler TX


Love Broke the Fall   tracks.

Title Lyrics Listen
Love Broke the Fall Read Lyrics MP3
Honey Makin' Time Read Honey Makin' TimeLyrics Honey Makin' Time MP3
He Tells All the Girls He's a Cowboy Read He Tells All the Girls He's a Cowboy Lyrics He Tells All the Girls He's a Cowboy MP3
Let Me Be Your Friend Read Let Me Be Your Friend Lyrics Let Me Be Your FriendMP3
My Forever Family Read My Forever Family Lyrics My Forever Family MP3
When My Heart Remembers You Read When My Heart Remembers You Lyrics When My Heart Remembers You MP3
Alright Read Lyrics MP3
Is You Read Lyrics MP3
A Different Plan Read Lyrics MP3
Standing in Stone Read Lyrics MP3
My Airplane in the Backyard in the Sky Read Lyrics MP3
Down to Faith Read Lyrics MP3

"I love A Different Plan...He Tells All the Girls He's A Cowboy should be picked up by George Strait...the harmony here is awesome"... Rod Harrington, El Dorado News-Times


Stories of Life, Songs of Love

Stories of Life, Songs of Love Track Listing
Track Title Lyrics Listen
1 Baby That's You Read Baby That's You Lyrics Baby That's You MP3
2 Ain't It Funny Read Ain't It Funny Lyrics Ain't It Funny MP3
3 The Melody of You Read The Melody of You Lyrics The Melody of You MP3
4 Rock Away the Blues Read Rock Away the Blues Lyrics Rock Away the Blues MP3
5 Lonesome Without You Read Lonesome Without You Lyrics Lonesome Without You MP3
6 Hard Time Read Hard Time Lyrics Hard Time MP3
7 Just an Old House Read Just an Old House Lyrics Just an Old House MP3
8 Zig Zag Read Zig Zag Lyrics Zig Zag MP3
9 When I Sing Read When I Sing Lyrics When I Sing MP3
10 Won't You Ride with Me? Read Won't You Ride with Me? Lyrics Won't You Ride with Me? MP3
11 Kisses and Conversation Read Kisses and Conversation Lyrics Kisses and Conversation MP3
12 One and the Same Read One and the Same Lyrics One and the Same MP3

Album Review

"I wake up every morning to that same old bump and grind./Chasing a dollar, falling in line/ Over my head, underpaid and overdue/ I've got one thing on my side, Baby, Baby that's you./ Lost in the shuffle, but I'm still in the race/ Backed in a corner, but I know this ain't my place." Byrd and Street from "Baby That's You"

The title of Austin, Texas, duo Byrd and Street's latest release, Stories Of Life, Songs Of Love, is a fitting one.  With an album of original music touching life and love, all done in a bluesy, Americana vein, Tommy Byrd and Kathy Street share an appealing formula on their self-released album.  The duo, who formed in 2001, recently won a local Performer of the Year award.  Now they prove their mettle and versatility here with fine harmonies, crafted songs, and seasoned experience. 

Smooth tones, a relaxed style and no fuss vocals— that's Tommy Byrd.  Listen closely.   He's a little like Lyle Lovett.  It made their publicist, Marilyn von Steiger (Stop the Truck and Bob Dildy), laugh when I told her that, but she didn't disagree).  I mean, to these weathered ears, he does!  Having shared stage space with the Geezenslaws and Willie Nelson and inspired by the Beatles, Byrd bought his first guitar in '64.  He's been kicking around in bands since.  Now this prolific writer has found form in his band mate, Kathy Street.

Kathy Street is a singer, actor (she's starred in local productions including.  The Sound of Music and My Fair Lady) and songwriter.  She, too, is no stranger to bright lights and rowdy crowds, as her musical career began in 1967.  With a voice helping them win the 2002 Austin Songwriter's Group annual contest, Street comes armed with a soulful and energized voice.

The album opens with "Baby That's You," an appealing musical entree to the 12 offered tracks. Sprinklings of accordion and fiddle prop the tale of daily rituals, survived only with a partner's love, while confirming shades of Lovett appear in the lyrics of love's better qualities, "Ain't It Funny."  Move to "The Melody Of You" and "Lonesome Without You," and the mood hits. These guys are love merchants.  They share their passion for words and performance with a charm that spells Austin, but with a message that'll travel to reach a willing heart.

While Byrd and Street weave their magic, a tight band of fiddles, mandolin, accordion, piano, guitars, drums and bass makes stable harmony.  The musicianship here is top drawer Texas.  When the band strikes up with hard bass slaps, fiddle, and brushed drums on "Rock Away The Blues" or the guitar-led, drum-driven, funky tale of desperate romance on "Hard Time," you know this is no dress rehearsal.

The successful spirit of this album is simple.  Tommy Byrd writes a good tune.  There's no struggle to make or force a story line; Byrd just lets it flow.  Kathy Street, mellow and warm, plays her part, too.  It's a blend that shines on the easily understood tale of first kisses on a front porch, kids in their Sunday best, angry words forgiven and hands held tight, as heard on "Just An Old House".

A good part of writing for is the chance I have to hear original music.  Sure, some of it falls flat, but some, well, it makes you say, simply, "Yes !"  Beyond the crowds, trendy CMT, and the fickle followers of fashionable cowboys, is the rich world of independent music.  A place where real music, not just CD sales, drives the deal, a place where music arrives shaped from skill and passion.  Check out Byrd and Street.  Their stories of life and songs of love prove my point.

Album Review
by George Peden


Tommy Byrd — Guitar ( Acoustic and Electric), Vocals
Darcie Deaville — Fiddle (Track 10)
Kathy Street — Vocals
Don Raby — Fiddle
Rick Richards — Drums
Chip Dolan — Accordion, piano
Lynn Daniel — Upright and Electric Bass
Marvin Dykhuis — Guitar (Acoustic and Electric) Mandolin, Percussion, Banjo, Bass
Tina Carraway — Fiddle (track 12)


Original Artwork

Ink and Pen Drawing of Native American

Tommy took art lessons as a child in elementary school, but only recently did he begin to actively pursue it as part of his career. He works almost exclusively in pen and ink with ink brush or pencil. His subject matter is varied, but mainly focuses on the vanishing way of life in Texas and the South. He has also drawn a number of musicians and commissioned portraits from photos.

His work is displayed in galleries and shops around central Texas, including Smilovici's Galleria in Boerne, Rancho Deluxe in Wimberley, the Silver K Cafe in Johnson City, Texas Vineyards and Beyond in Fredericksburg.

See more of Tommy's drawings